You’re a foodie; always on the hunt for seasonal goodies at your local market and constantly falling in love with new recipes.

You believe meal-times are opportunities for togetherness and connection. And you’ll share your knowledge of food and cooking with – let’s face it – whoever will listen.

The deepest part of you yearns for a life that is simpler, healthier and more authentic.

But there’s just a little problem:

You sometimes feel like there is a disconnect.

Because despite your beliefs and best intentions you’re finding yourself stressed out and rushing through the supermarket checkout more often than not.  You desperately want your children to know that, actually, that zucchini we ate for dinner, didn’t grow from Aisle 8, but from the earth.

And, though you hate to admit it, take-away food replaced a proper meal on more than two occasions last week. This is not how you want to live, but life feels so busy, sometimes you don’t know what else to do.

You want to slow down, enjoy real food and feel connected to the natural rhythms of the earth. It’s not that you want to howl at the moon and live off the land completely – you’re far too normal for that – but surely there’s a better way than how you’re currently living?

I’m Alice Faeth.

DSC_0442I teach people how to build, sustain and enjoy the pleasures of their own kitchen garden. I help people achieve a simple, tangible connection to the earth (in an urban setting).  And I transform food lovers into food growers.

I’ve worked in the agribusiness industry for 15 years and I am fascinated by growing food, whether that is a cereal producer farming a new variety of wheat – or discovering the taste sensation of an heirloom vegetable for the first time.  There is something really fundamental about it that just makes sense to me.

In 2010 I started My Kitchen Garden – an online space for cooks and gardeners. Today, the business serves the edible garden community and connects like-minded souls. My Kitchen Garden provides people with the tools to transform their little patch of urban land into something productive, pleasurable; something they can be proud of.

I love helping gardening newbies, and have been doing so ever since I had weekend jobs working in garden centres while at uni.

Why do I do this?

Working full-time and caring for a young family, I have become conscious of the pace of life we are leading – busy can be an understatement sometimes.  I found myself turning back to the garden, it became more than a hobby – it became a refuge, a place of quiet at the start and end of a full day.  And as I spent more time out there, my kids were watching, and learning, and curious.

As a child I grew up learning the secrets of my Pop’s home-grown produce and my Nan’s home-made preserves.   My favourite TV show growing up was Burke’s Backyard (ok, and 21 Jump Street).  Today I still get a thrill when a seed pops up. If you visit my house, you probably wouldn’t escape before being guided outside to check out my asparagus spears or whatever I’m growing out back.

In 2011, my dear Pop passed away and my Nan in 2013. I miss having the opportunity to ask them questions about gardening and cooking.  Their legacy and our shared passion for growing is captured in all of the handwritten letters I’ve kept over the years, and the two most precious keepsakes I have from their home – Pop’s secateurs and Nan’s recipe book.

Before launching My Kitchen Garden I realised two important things:

  1. My children deserve to know where food really comes from; the legacy of my grandparents can only be carried on through me, and
  2. Starting my own business is a bold move – so it could only be grown from a place of soul connection. My Kitchen Garden expresses everything I love and believe in.

And now I show other people how to grow and enjoy their own produce.

I guide people, like you, to achieve a simpler, authentic lifestyle too often only dreamed about.

I help you get real results – because I believe keeping things small and sustainable is the key to success – not just in gardening, but in life.

You already believe in the importance of fresh, seasonal foods. You already know that the home-grown taste is far superior to that of store-bought foods.

I am here to provide knowledge, wisdom and practical instruction to help you create a kitchen garden you and your family will love.


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My Location

I am based in Adelaide, South Australia which has a temperate or Mediterranean climate.· The climate here is mild in winter, we don’t get heavy frosts in the metropolitan areas so tender young seedlings can be planted direct into the garden.·  The summers are hot and dry, so plants need protection from UV and drying winds.

You need to keep this in mind when looking at planting guides on this site· – i.e. our Spring is September, October, November.


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