Welcome to My Kitchen Garden

This site was created for like-minded gardeners and cooks.  People who love to grow fresh produce and use it to prepare simple flavoursome dishes.

My Philosophy:

  • I believe that fresh tastes better, and is better for you.· Picking something from the garden and eating it straight away is fantastic, not to mention it is cost effective and environmentally smart.
  • I believe that kids should understand how to grow and prepare food, and have some fun getting involved.
  • I believe that communities are important, and love sharing growing tips, produce and food with family and friends.


My name is Alice and I started My Kitchen Garden in 2010, I have a background in agriculture and marketing.· My love of gardening really came from my Nan & Pop, who have an incredibly productive and beautiful garden, with every pocket of space used!· I worked in garden centres as a student, and attended the University of Adelaide’s Roseworthy and Waite campuses to gain a degree in Agricultural Business, with many of my subjects undertaken in Horticultural Production.· The next 10 years were spent in the agricultural industry, and it was wonderful to work with some of Australia’s best food producers.

Since having kids I have rediscovered the happiness that comes from the simpler things in life – I grow and prepare a lot of our own food.· We will never be self-sufficient – that isn’t my goal, I just want to enjoy picking tasty vegies from the garden and teaching my kids about where food really comes from.

This is a business built on strong values about the importance of growing food – and that includes giving others the right information to get started with their own Kitchen Gardens.  So I would love to hear how you are getting started and what you are growing…go to the forums to tell us all about it.


I am based in Adelaide, South Australia which has a temperate or Mediterranean climate.· The climate here is mild in winter, we don’t get frosts so tender young seedlings can be planted direct into the garden.  The summers are hot and dry, so plants need protection from UV and drying winds.

You need to keep this in mind when looking at planting guides on this site – i.e. our Spring is September, October, November.

Future versions of the website will attempt to find a solution for classifying plants across climatic zones.

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