Introducing the Grow Your Own program

An online course specifically designed for food lovers just like you

GrowYourOwn - 200pxLogoYou love fresh, seasonal produce and you want your family to understand and appreciate where food really comes from.

But let’s be real. You have no intention of being completely self-sufficient and living off the land – but you want to feel you’ve made a bit of a difference.

This is why the Grow Your Own online course was created.  Simply because busy, time-poor food lovers don’t feel they have the commitment or skills to grow their own produce.

So this course provides the knowledge, support and motivation to set foodies up for maximum success.

The Grow Your Own course will help you:

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  • Create a small kitchen garden – because small is beautiful and all you really need.
  • Learn how to build the foundations for ultimate growing success.
  • Plant a seasonal mix of ingredients – the most delicious kind.
  • Gain confidence as a grower, so you can walk the walk, not just talk the talk.
  • Engage with and give back to your community (think preserves + relishes that would make nana proud!)
  • Connect with other food lovers + newbie food growers, which is invaluable to your success.
  • Feel proud of what you’ve created for your family and friends.
  • Appreciate the process of growing without waiting too long (hello, we get your need for instant gratification!)
  • Save time otherwise spent running to the shops for those last-minute garnishes.
  • Save money on vegetables and herbs at the supermarket.
  • Create deliciously divine meals for your family and friends.
  • Impress the local producers at your Farmer’s Markets (not that you like to brag).
  • And most importantly, feel the sense of connection and self-satisfaction that comes from growing your own produce.

Bottom line: You will be able to have your kitchen garden, and enjoy your produce, while still having that thing called a life.

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    2 replies to "Online Course For Autumn Released"

    • Sue Simmons

      Hi Alice is it too late to join your online autumn garden course please? I meant to sign up Thursdsy but got busy with work. I would love to join in if possible. Kind regards Sue

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