March is the start of Autumn, and in the temperate zone of Australia this means we start planting the crops for winter harvesting.

What to plant in March?

Crops that take a long time to develop like Cabbages need to go into the ground, and we can plant Broccoli and Cauliflower as well.

The onion family is for Autumn planting, so you can get brown/red/white onions in as well as Spring Onions and Leeks.

Carrots, Beetroot, Parsnips, and Turnips are root crops that will develop over Autumn and Winter and should be planted from seed for best results.

Coriander will grow well with the cooler days, and can be planted from seed or seedlings.  Parsley can also go in, as can Chervil.

If you love your greens then many of the asian style cabbages and leafy greens can go in now – Mizuna and Bok Choy are easy to grow.  Wait for cooler weather in April to put in the Tatsoi.

Greens for salads, sautees and juicing also grow well when planted now – so get growing with your Kale, Spinach and Silverbeet.

Here is a quick reference guide for growers in the temperate zone for March:

what to plant in march
what to plant in march

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