I’ve been following an innovative community developing online, called RipeNear.Me

They are an Australian based startup and global community, that allows anyone, anywhere to post food that they grow themselves, or edibles growing in public places.

How great is that!  So if you have a monster fig tree, and can’t handle the fruit yourself – you can list it for sale, trade, or just as a giveaway.  For all of us who detest waste as much as we love fresh produce this is exciting news.



How does RipeNearMe Work?

You need to join up, which is all very straight forward- and if you are not coping with all the different site logins in your like you can use your facebook to login.  Once you are setup you can post a food growing in your garden, or in your neighbourhood.

All posted food gets mapped to encourage online foraging – users can search by postcode or just move around the map for a bit of a browse.   Crops are listed as growing, until you trigger them as ripe – this way people can be “on standby” for food like Apricots when they are ready to be picked.  Listings can last the life of the tree/plant, allowing growers to toggle the status between ripe/growing, and foragers to subscribe to their favorite foods. Notifications let people know when their food is ready to pick.

It is up to each user to decide if their food is for swapping, selling or giving away.

So if you have an abundant veggie patch that is producing more than you can handle, you could actually start selling direct from your place and recover some of your input costs.  WHo knows, you might even be able to make a business out of it!



Who Are These Clever People?

The site was founded by Helena and Alistair Martin shortly after their realization that:
• Food waste from backyard trees and gardens is high, and
• A considerable portion of arable space in cities is underutilized
With RipeNear.Me, anyone can participate in the food system – either for social benefit or profit. Those sourcing food from their neighborhood can find tastier, more nutritious and cheaper fresh produce nearby.
Membership is free.
For more information please visit:


RipeNear.Me are at a critical stage in their develoment, and are looking for funding to get to the next level – if you are able to support them please click here:  http://www.startsomegood.com/ripenearme

Personally I am very excited to see that they are looking to add listing for seedlings….I always grow more than I need and would love to have a way of getting these baby food plants into the right hands.

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    • Kate

      Were you at the Ripe Near Me launch last month? I thought it was a great event and I do hope they do well — Ripe Near Me is such a great concept.

      I found out about your blog from Louisa Gormley. I just started a new kitchen garden blog about a week ago and I’m also based in Adelaide. My blog is http://www.rosehipsandrhubarb.com.


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