Slow cooker tomato ketchup is a great recipe for those days when you need to use up a lot of Tomatoes, but you don’t really feel like cooking! By using the food processor and slow cooker you can get a great result for very little effort.

Make sure you have got the whole day though, get this on in the morning then just give it a stir each time you wander past.

As always, make sure you have got clean sterilised bottles available when it comes time to bottle up. This makes a couple of litres.

I reckon it tasted SO MUCH better than the supermarket ones, and the house smelt pretty wonderful for a whole day too!


3kg Tomatoes
2 Apples (use a sweeter variety like Royal Gala or Fuji)
2 Brown Onions (large, or 3 medium sized)
4 cloves Garlic (peeled)
1l Vinegar (try to get Red Wine or Apple Cider if you can, white vinegar is fine too)
1/4 cup Salt
2 cups Sugar
1 tablespoon White Pepper
1 tablespoon Mixed Spice (I took the easy option of a blended mix, just add whatever calls to you)
1 tablespoon Ground Ginger (For added zing)


Step 1
Remove stems from the Tomatoes, cut into quarters if using a large variety or if using a cherry or apricot size just put them in whole.
I don’t fuss with removing the skins or seeds. You can always strain these out at the end if it really bothers you.

Cut the apples into large chunks, same with the brown onions.

Step 2
Using a food processor with a large bowl, whizz the Tomatoes, Onions, Apple, and Garlic together. Add some of the vinegar from your measuring jug if you need to keep it moving around.

Get it to a fine puree.

Step 3
Tip it into your slow cooker, and set to high. Stir in the sugar, salt, pepper and spices.
Leave the lid on until you get it bubbling.

Step 4
Once it is simmering, slide the lid across or prop it open with a wooden spoon so steam can escape .

Step 5
Stir every hour, it will take 10 to 12 hours to thicken.

Once you are happy with the thickness (it should have reduced by at least half) it is time to bottle up.

Step 6
I like a smooth style sauce and put this through the blender in batches, alternately you can try using a stick mixer – but you might make one hell of a mess.

After it has been blended I put it back in the slow cooker, just to make sure it is nice and hot when bottling – for food safety.

Step 7
Always use sterilised bottles, and fill right to the top before screwing on the lids.
Remember to put hot sauce in hot bottles, so keep sterilised bottles in the oven until you need them.
Use a funnel to fill the bottles


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    • I love making home made tomato and chilli sauces – there’s something very comforting about having something delicious smelling simmering away on the stove 🙂

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