My Kitchen Garden is an Adelaide based business that helps new food growers develop their skills and confidence through online courses.  Owned and operated by Alice Faeth, assistance is needed to better support participants on the signature seasonal courses “Grow Your Own”.


Position Available:  Grower Support

Overview:  My customers are called Growers, they are starting vegetable gardens for the first time and discovering the challenges and joys of gardening as they learn the theory and practicalities of “Growing Your Own”.

Important:  This is a position for a contractor – you must be able to issue a tax invoice for project completion and hours worked.

Are you….

  • Friendly
  • Kind
  • Chatty
  • Clever
  • A backyard food grower


Do you…

  • Enjoy spending time in the garden
  • Know quite a bit about growing vegetables, herbs and fruit
  • Follow organic gardening principles
  • Feel passionately about home grown produce and the benefits of gardening
  • Live in South Australia or Victoria (so we are in the same zone, climatically speaking)
  • Already spend time on Facebook and are active in online communities
  • Have experience in a retail or administrative role
  • Feel confident using systems and technology to engage with people


Would you like to…

  • Work from home, mainly outside of normal business hours, for 10 to 15 hours a week
  • Be part of something new and different
  • Help new gardeners as they learn their way


Can you handle…

  • Providing advice about seeds, seedlings, soil and pest/disease issues
  • Proof reading and providing input on course lessons
  • Writing additional course materials and blog posts (as defined project work)
  • Starting conversations and checking-in with people in the private facebook group for the course
  • Monitoring activity in the course group, and moderate if required


Qualifications and Experience

Completion of a Certificate in Horticulture or related courses would be highly regarded, as would retail experience in a garden centre, working in a community or school garden – or production experience on a farm or nursery.  That being said, a confident person who is self-taught and passionate about food production in urban environments would be great too!


How to get the gig

Send me a email at to introduce yourself and tell me how you suit the position – this should be no more than a one page “capability statement” rather than a resume.

Got questions? Email me at the address above, or give me a call on 0499 770 674.

Short-listed applicants will have an interview via Skype, or face-to-face if you are in Adelaide.


Why I am seeking a contractor and not an employee

This is a short-term and flexible requirement during which you are free to undertake other work within your business and for other clients.

There are no leave provisions, or superannuation – this is a contractor role – not an employee relationship.  If you have not worked as a contractor before, please do some research and speak with an accountant or tax adviser to ensure you understand the differences between being an employee and a contractor.

This is a specialist role, with the responsibilities to be met by an individual with unique skills.

You can set your own hours of work, as long as the requirements are met (except for the few hours a week when we have “live” group sessions with the course participants).

You will be paid for each block of work or project completed – by billing My Kitchen Garden via issuing a tax invoice, so you need to have an ABN.

The contractor will provide their own tools and equipment, for example – you will need to perform the Facebook group management from your own laptop, PC or tablet.