This Spring Starter course is designed to get you moving, get your garden beds ready and get everything planted at the right time – so you can enjoy tasty produce THIS Summer.

Delivered through a secured part of my website you will get a weekly email, worksheets, video tutorials, and a downloadable planting plan and online support.

Don’t let another year go by while you think about starting your kitchen garden, commit to getting it done this year!

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The Six Week Spring Starter  will help you:

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  • Create a small kitchen garden, we will work using planting guides for 1m² at a time.
  • Learn how to build the foundations for ultimate growing success.
  • Plant a seasonal mix of ingredients – the most delicious kind.
  • Gain confidence as a gardener and feel proud of what you’ve created.
  • Appreciate the process of growing without waiting too long (quick wins!)
  • Save time and money otherwise spent at the shops for vegetables and herbs.
  • And most importantly, feel the sense of connection and self-satisfaction that comes from growing your own fresh produce.

When you commit to join the Six Week Spring Starter you get:

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  • Access to guidance and support.
  • Expert knowledge in growing food crops (I have over 15 years experience in agricultural production systems and home gardening).
  • Online content delivered over 6 weeks via 12 lessons, plus video and downloadable PDFs.
  • Course materials that are designed for access on your PC, tablet and even your phone – so it is easy to stay connected with the course.
  • A mix of written and video delivery to keep you engaged and motivated.
  • Detailed planting guides – what to put in and when


What is in the Six Week Spring Starter?

Week 1

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  • Site Selection
  • Benefits of raised beds over plots and pots
  • What to look for in Raised Garden beds
  • Tools and Equipment


Week 2

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  • Soil, compost and mulch
  • Selecting Healthy Seedlings
  • Planting from seed direct into the garden
  • Watering Systems


Week 3

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  • Planting Guide, what goes where
  • Getting the Tomatoes in
  • Summer salad planting guide #1


Week 4

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  • Staking and support systems for Tomatoes
  • Planting and frame for Cucumbers
  • Thinning seedlings


Week 5

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  • Capsicum and chillies
  • Summer salads planting #2
  • Pruning and shaping tomatoes


Week 6

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  • Planting Guide for coming months
  • Managing pests and diseases
  • Fertilising and soil improvement



There are 2 intakes!

Intake 1 runs from 27th September to 1st November

Intake 2 runs from 4th October to 8th November

This course won’t be starting again until Spring 2014!  

This is a seasonal program, designed to start in Spring as the ground warms up and we can plant our summer producing food crops, we finish early November with everything planted and ready to grow.

If you have been thinking about starting a vegetable garden, or you’ve had a go at putting a vegie patch in and it just didn’t work out (no judgement here!) then take the opportunity now to join this course.

I know you have the desire and the enthusiasm to bring home grown produce into your life, and this really is your perfect opportunity to get started and enjoy my support as we build, plant and care for a kitchen garden TOGETHER.



Click here to join the course





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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there really something to do every week?

We will be working on and in your kitchen garden every week, and there are a range of activities to keep you interested.  There are new crops to put in each week, and you will be motivated by your sense of satisfaction and pride as you watch your kitchen garden grow and you start using your own fresh produce in the kitchen.

How much time is it going to take me?

Reading through the course materials is just 10 minutes for each lesson, most of your time will be spent creating, caring for and enjoying your garden.  You can expect to spend 2-3 hours on this a week at the start, with a lot less time needed once your kitchen garden is established.  After a few weeks you will just need to spend 10 mins each night checking and watering the garden – and of course, harvesting your produce.

How much room do I need?

We are going to install and plant out a raised garden bed with one metre square of growing space, so you need to have at least 2m2 of space in a sunny spot, this course is not suitable for people with balconies.

How much does it cost?

The course costs $65.00 AUD, inclusive of GST.

Does it matter where I live?

Yes!  The course is designed for people who live in the Temperate climatic zones across Southern and Eastern Australia.  This includes Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.  I will be growing my kitchen garden in Adelaide, so seasonal conditions will vary slightly for those living in Sydney (more humid), Melbourne (colder overnight), or Perth (lower rainfall).  This means that you might be planting the tomatoes a bit later in cold zones (don’t worry – they will catch up!) or managing different disease challenges in more humid zones.

I will be keeping an eye on the weather across this temperate zone during the course, and to make it work we will use the online community to help you manage these seasonal variations.

The course is not suitable for people living in tropical and sub-tropical zones of Australia, not only is the climate VERY different  – I just don’t have gardening experience in these areas so can’t offer sound advice during the course.

How does the online course work ?

By using a leading Learning Management System (LMS) I am able to deliver to you a structured, interactive course in which to learn and engage. This course is designed to move away from paper based materials, you will not be receiving 50 page books to download and print, each lesson is presented within a secured section of the My Kitchen Garden website and you can view it on your tablet or phone as well.  Worksheets and guides will be supplied as PDFs as needed.

The LMS will track your progress, so you can see which lessons you have completed, and there are optional quiz questions – just so you can check in and test your new knowledge.

What if the course doesn’t meet my needs? Do I get a refund?

Yes.  If after 28 days from the course commencing you feel that it is not providing you with all the information and support you need to get your best ever kitchen garden underway, you are entitled to a refund.  Here is the deal though, you must complete all the lessons and actions right up to the end of week 3.  This way, I know that you have shown serious commitment and given your time to getting the kitchen garden in. I can’t give a refund just because you didn’t take any action.

What will we be growing?

You will get a complete planting guide as part of your course materials, as it is the Summer season we will be growing Tomatoes, Basil, Radish, Spinach, Gourmet Lettuces, Chillies and more – you will love how much variety you can get from your garden in this time.

Are there any additional costs?

This course doesn’t include any of the physical stuff you need for your kitchen garden – so you will have to organise your garden bed, any added soils/compost, and the plants.  If you don’t have any gardening tools then you can add these to the shopping list too.  The lessons will tell you exactly what you do (and don’t) need, and give you plenty of time to get it all together.




By the end of the Grow Your Own online course, you will have:

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  • Learnt to grow at least SIX different vegetables and herbs
  • Established a routine, and incorporated your kitchen garden into your life
  • Shared a wonderful learning experience with your children
  • Gained confidence in your gardening skills, and be motivated to continue growing and sharing produce


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What isn’t included:

  • This is a mini version of my premium course – the 20 week “Grow Your Own”, so does not offer all the same benefits
  • I am not offering private coaching in a closed Facebook group, but you can ask questions in lesson comments
  • There is no ongoing support after the course, the lifetime access is available to Grow Your Own course participants only


You will be getting all my top tips, quality information, guidance and support to ensure your success.

I hope you can join me for six weeks and get your kitchen garden started!


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