People start a Kitchen Garden for all sorts of reasons – or a combination. Some of the stories I hear from my customers are why they choose to grow your own food are:

I want my kids to know where food really comes from

I hear this one a lot, and I couldn’t agree more. When we become parents we quickly realise just how much information and knowledge our children are seeking to understand their world – and the amazing opportunity we have to guide their experiences, and put them on the right path. And while explaining this, and reading lots of books is great – nothing compares to planting some corn kernels, watching them grow and getting to pick and peel back a sweet and juicy cob of corn. Kids are naturally curious, and an ever changing garden is a fantastic classroom and play area all in one! And if little Johnny is scared of eating green stuff, just wait until he starts picking and eating peas straight out of the garden, brilliant!

I am sick of paying four dollars for a bunch of coriander that wilts and goes brown the next day anyway

I hear ya! With a little bit of effort you can have lovely little pots of your favourite herbs, always fresh – and pretty much free! Start simple, and just plant what you will use in your cooking. It will take a few weeks to get into the routine of checking and watering your plants, but well worth it! It is really lovely to wander outside with your scissors and grab a bit of this and that to add a boost to your cooking, or for a beautiful garnish.

I have always wanted to try vegie gardening

And why not! There is no reason not to start straight away, unless you live somewhere that snows you really can produce vegetables, herbs and salad leaves all year round

I want to know that my food is safe and untreated from chemicals

Are you becoming increasingly thoughtful about how your food is produced and packed? If you need to be 100% sure, then producing it in your own backyard is the best way to take back control. Growing your food organically is simple and there are chemical free alternatives for each pest or disease situation you might get.

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